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Current Student-Athletes

2018-19 Whittier College Student-Athlete Handbook

2018-19 Summary of NCAA Regulations

2018-19 Student Athlete Statement

2018-19 Drug-Testing Consent Form

Student-Athlete Compliance Checklist

2018-19 NCAA Division III Getting in the Game Video

Social Media Policy

2018-19 Student-Athlete Affirmation of Eligibility

2018-19 General Amateurism and Eligibility Form for International and Select-Student Athletes

2018-19 Self-Release Form

Eligibility Form

Academic Schedule Conflict Form

2018-19 HIPAA/Buckley Amendment Consent/Waiver Form

NCAA Banned Drugs

NCAA Drugs Policies

NCAA Sports Wagering

Travel Release Form

Student Athlete Questionnaire (Website)

NCAA Diversity & Inclusion

Transgender Inclusion Task Force Report

Prospective Student-Athletes

Welcome to NCAA Division III

Facts and Figures

NCAA Eligibility Center

Prospective Athlete Questionnaires


Official & Unofficial Visits

Host Policy Form

Overnight Policy (Coaches)

Overnight Policy (Potential Student Athlete)

Overnight Release (Potential Student Athlete)

Coaches and Administration


2017-18 NCAA Division III Manual

Legislative Services Database (LSDBi)

Division III Recruiting - Quick Reference Guide

NCAA Inclusion of Transgender Student-Athletes Handbook

2018-19 NCAA Rules Test

Liability Waiver (Camps, Clinics, Lessons)

Transportation Waiver Form

NCAA Diversity & Inclusion

2018-19 Certification of Compliance for Institutions

2018-19 Certification of Compliance for Staff Members of Athletics Departments

NCAA Division III Recruiting and Social Media Reference

SCIAC Rules and Regulations