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   Directions to Whittier College                           

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 From the San Gabriel Freeway (605)
 1.  Exit 605 Freeway on Beverly Boulevard East
 2.  Proceed on Beverly Boulevard to Painter Avenue (2.5 miles). Turn right.
 3.  Proceed on Painter Avenue to Whittier College (.5 miles).
 4.  Turn left on Earlham Drive. Athletics facilities are at the top of the hill.
 From the Pomona Freeway (60)
 1.  Exit 60 on Freeway on Azusa Avenue. Travel South.
 2.  Proceed on Azusa Avenue to Colima Road (.5 miles). Turn right.
 3.  Proceed on Colima Road (5 miles) to Mar Vista Street. Turn right.
 4.  Proceed on Mar Vista Street (2 miles) to Painter Avenue. Turn right.
 5.  Proceed on Painter Aveneu (2 blocks) to Whittier College.
 6.  Turn left on Earlham Drive. Athletics favilities are at the top of the hill.

Whittier College would like to ask that any guests visiting the Whittier College Athletic Center to please park in the parking lot near the tennis courts and the front entrance to the Athletic Center at the top of Earlham Drive or on the side of the Graham Athletic Center on Canyon Drive.

There should be no parking along Penn Street at any time and the gates on the backside of the Graham Athletic Center will remain locked not allowing access into the complex.

Thank You