Poet Student-Athlete Leadership Academy


The Poet Student-Athlete Leadership Academy will develop, challenge and support student-athletes and coaches in their quest to become world-class leaders in athletics, academics and life.  The Leadership Academy will create a positive learning environment for personal growth, rooted in the foundations of pride, integrity and commitment to excellence.  Our goal is to create a strong network of disciplined and confident Poet leaders, who are prepared to become Champions in Life.

PSALA meets every other Thursday at 7:30am at the Hartley House

 2015-16 Student-Athlete Leadership Academy Directory
 Title  Name  Email  Extension
 Director  Monica Gerardo  mgerardo@whittier.edu  x 4976
 Committee Member  Robert Coleman - Executive Director of Athletics  rcoleman@whittier.edu  x 4268
 Committee Member  Dee Dee Kingsbury - Softball  dkingsbury@whittier.edu  x 4935
 Committee Member  Patricia Bonagura - Women's Lacrosse  pbonagur@whittier.edu  x 4855
 Committee Member  Laura Elliot - Equipment Manager/Women's Basketball  lelliot1@whittier.edu  x 4970
 Committee Member  Chris Duarte-McDermott - Volleyball  cduartem@whittier.edu  x 4606
 Committee Member  Todd Stratton - Football  rstratto@whittier.edu  x 4872
 Title  Name  Sport  Grad Yr.
 President Jasmine Tong Volleyball  2017
 Treasurer Alexis Mills Volleyball  2018
 Vice President Erica Houston Women's Basketball  2017
 Social Media Coordinator Kourtney Brodnax Track & Field  2017
 Target Growth Areas

Athletic Department Culture: develop a safe, meaningful and successful athletic program, that not only contributes towards a better overall school culture, but adds excitement to the community as well.  When culture is developed, student-athlete participation increases, student attendance at games increases and community support improves. These efforts will result in a better overall athletic experience for the student-athletes, the coaches, the student body and the community.

Self-awareness: personal core values, personality strengths, areas for growth, influence of life experience on leadership style.

Commitment to Institutional & Team Goals:  investment in task-oriented behaviors, institutional involvement & engagement, taking ownership & empowering teammates in pursuit of team goals.

Life Skills Building: time management, responsibility, teamwork, communication skills, problem solving skills, etc.

Empathy & Perspective Taking: social support, concern for team welfare, emotional and social intelligence.

Soft Skills Development: the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, managing people, leadership, etc. that characterize relationships with other people.

 Meeting Dates
 Date  Topic    
Thurs., Sept. 10  Building the Whittier College Athletic Department Culture    
Thurs., Sept. 17  Building the Whittier College Athletic Department Culture    
Thurs., Oct. 15  One Love Foundation    
Thurs., Oct. 29  Self-Awareness    
Thurs., Nov. 19  Self-Awareness    
Thurs., Dec. 10  John Franey/TBD    
Thurs., Jan. 14  Jen Schumacher/Commitment to Institutional & Team Goals    
Thurs., Feb. 4  Life Skills Buidling    
Thurs., Feb. 25  Life Skills Building; Summer Retreat Information; Special Olympics    
Thurs., Mar. 24  Empathy & Perspective Taking; Special Olympics; (April 4-8) NCAA Div. III SA Appreciation Week/Poet Pride Night)    
Thurs., Apr. 14  Soft Skills Development; Special Olympics    
May 2016 (TBD)  Summer Retreat