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2018-19 Compliance Paperwork (ALL ATHLETES)

Similar to the online SWOL program that you will be completing for our Athletic Training Clearances, you will be submitting all of your NCAA Eligibility and Compliance paperwork via our online program, FRONT RUSH. To access your FRONT RUSH Account;

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Current Student-Athletes

2018-19 Whittier College Student-Athlete Handbook

2018-19 Summary of NCAA Regulations

2018-19 Student Athlete Statement

2018-19 Drug-Testing Consent Form

Student-Athlete Compliance Checklist

2018-19 NCAA Division III Getting in the Game Video

Social Media Policy

2018-19 Student-Athlete Affirmation of Eligibility

2018-19 General Amateurism and Eligibility Form for International and Select-Student Athletes

2018-19 Self-Release Form

Eligibility Form

Academic Schedule Conflict Form

2018-19 HIPAA/Buckley Amendment Consent/Waiver Form

NCAA Banned Drugs

NCAA Drugs Policies

NCAA Sports Wagering

Travel Release Form

Student Athlete Questionnaire (Website)

NCAA Diversity & Inclusion

Transgender Inclusion Task Force Report

Prospective Student-Athletes

Welcome to NCAA Division III

Facts and Figures

NCAA Eligibility Center

Prospective Athlete Questionnaires


Official & Unofficial Visits

Host Policy Form

Overnight Policy (Coaches)

Overnight Policy (Potential Student Athlete)

Overnight Release (Potential Student Athlete)

Coaches and Administration


2017-18 NCAA Division III Manual

Legislative Services Database (LSDBi)

Division III Recruiting - Quick Reference Guide

NCAA Inclusion of Transgender Student-Athletes Handbook

2018-19 NCAA Rules Test

Liability Waiver (Camps, Clinics, Lessons)

Transportation Waiver Form

NCAA Diversity & Inclusion

2018-19 Certification of Compliance for Institutions

2018-19 Certification of Compliance for Staff Members of Athletics Departments

NCAA Division III Recruiting and Social Media Reference

SCIAC Rules and Regulations