Madison Crimi-Demichele
Madison Crimi-Demichele
Year: So.
Hometown: San Jose, Calif.
High School: Santa Teresa


Q: At what age did you begin playing Golf?

A: Age 12

Q: What's your favorite food (s)?

A: Italian

Q: What's your favorite music/band?

A: R & B

Q: What is your favorite movie?

A: Unbroken

Q: What is your favorite quote?

A: "If you try to be great, you will never be just good"

Q: Why did you choose Whittier College?

A: I can play two sports while designing my own education

Q: What part of Whittier College Tennis do you like the most?

A: Having a good laugh while competing at the same time

Q: Who is your favorite sports hero?

A: Derek Jeter


Parents names: ---

Siblings names: ---

Hometown: San Jose, Calif.

Previous school attended: Santa Teresa High School

Major: Whittier Scholars (Sports Marketing, Event Coordinating, and Film)